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Think about bullying

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 11:38 a.m. CST

Think about bullying for a second. How much do you think it hurts? Kids and teens go to drastic measures just to try to stop the pain caused by bullying.

Some bully victims will start self harming themselves, putting themselves down, or worse, commit suicide. A story that I found told about a girl named Rebecca. She committed suicide after being bullied over and over again by fifteen girls at one time about a boy she liked.

Even in less severe cases, this can happen. Did you know that over 65,000 people commit suicide a year? Over half of those deaths were people ages 10-17 who were bullied, and a lot of them asked for help.

A lot of kids and teens show signs such as: unexplained injuries, feeling sick or faking sickness, loss in appetites, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, and more. What about the people who didn’t ask for help? Why didn’t they?

Well, some feel embarrassed, like the person they ask won’t care, or fear rejection of help. Now instead of the victim, think of the bully. Why do you think they bully? Some reasons are to be popular or to deflect the bad attention away from themselves and onto others.

Some T.V shows make bullying seem cool, fun, or not a very big deal. But bullying is not fun, it is not cool, and it most certainly is a big deal! Some people just choose to shrug it off like its nothing, but what would change if you stood up and just simply said stop? Have you ever seen someone being bullied? What did you do about it? Did you just shrug it off like it was nothing?

Think for a second about your friends, sisters, and or brothers. What if they got bullied to the point that they were harming themselves, or not eating, or committed suicide? How would you feel? You would most likely feel really bad right? My point is when kids get bullied, it doesn’t just hurt them it hurts the people around them.

Bullying is a serious issue in some schools. It is not a joke. It is not cool, and it is not funny.

If you think standing there watching someone get bullied is fine because all you’re doing is standing there, you’re dead wrong because when you’re doing that you’re just as bad as the bully.

Telling a bully to stop can save someone’s life. Don’t just ignore it, change it!