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An Ode to 1

Mommy, Daddy having fun.

Seeing countries one by one.

What could make our life more grand?

A little gift from babyland.

Mommy paces the store aisle.

Cashier checks out with a smile.

Two minutes is a real long time

When waiting for a blue plus sign.

Now Daddy’s biting.

Mommy’s scarfing.

So much waiting,

So much barfing.

Why does nine months go so slow?

Mommy can’t remember toes.

Finally, the big day came.

Doctor asks, “Is there a name?

It’s time to meet your little boy.”

Mommy, Daddy filled with joy.

Six pounds and nine ounces strong,

Nineteen and a half inches long.

Fully covered in purple goo

With pink lips and eyes of blue.

Baby sleeps all through the night.

“Am I holding him all right?”

Nurse says, “It’s time to go back home

And take care of Baby on your own.”

Why is he crying? What can we do?

Does he want food? Did he go No. 2?

Why’d they let us take home this li’l guy?

Shouldn’t we have to first get certified?

Mommy, Daddy track the moon.

Three a.m. feels like afternoon.

Uh-oh. Baby’s bum unleashed its wrath.

Daddy draws yet another bath.

Morning comes, and Baby smiles.

Daddy lets Mommy sleep awhile.

Baby yawns with pinup girl grace.

Who couldn’t love that scrunched-up face?

Small victories feel like big wins.

Was that gas, or was that a grin?

Sat up! Rolled over! Held up his own head!

Oh, my gosh, he actually went to bed!

Baby grows at accelerated pace.

Daddy deciphers Baby’s likes and tastes.

Bounce on the yoga ball; play the Ramones.

Turn on baseball; hand over the phones.

Little Baby growing up so fast.

His infant days have almost passed.

It’s been a year since the day

A “sweet angel” came down to play.

Mommy, Daddy having fun

With their little man, who’s turning 1.

Their life couldn’t be more grand

Since getting their gift from babyland.


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