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I lied to my own children

I promise, it was for a good reason.

Last Saturday morning, we got the kids up and told them they were coming with me to drop off their mother at a meeting she needed to attend in Altoona.

Fib No. 1.

As we pulled off the Interstate at the Highway 65/330 exit, Hannah noticed the Big Skywheel at Adventureland. She’s been wanting to go there since we moved back to Central Iowa.

I told her Mom’s meeting was not far from there at the “Adventureland Convention Center.”

Fib No. 2.

As well eventually pulled into the parking lot at Adventureland — traffic is currently ridiculous in that area with all the construction work for the Highway 330 expansion — I explained that we needed to pay the parking fee to be able to drop Mom off at her meeting. Mom’s best friend from Sully (and her mother) were also going, which was why they were in the van ahead of us.

Fib No. 3. At this point, Hannah’s not entirely buying it, although Jayden — age 5 — is still looking forward to a trip to the park after we drop Mom off.

With the excitement sufficiently built up, after we parked the truck, I turned to the kids and showed them our tickets to the amusement park. The look on their faces was priceless.

No lie.

We spent the next 11 hours making some really fun memories. Hannah, who is now 8, hadn’t been to Adventureland since she was 3. Jayden was only an infant at the time, so everything was brand-new to him.

We soon discovered they are definitely following in my footsteps when it comes to their tastes in rides. They’re certifiable no-fear speed freaks who love to be thrilled, as their ear-to-ear grins on the Himalaya ride confirmed.

A few quick thoughts:

• I miss some of the “classic” rides, like Rat Trap and Super Screamer;

• Some of the old shows, like Soda ‘n’ Sounds need to come back; and

• As evidenced by my aching body afterward, I’m officially getting old.

• • •

If you’re reading this, thank a teacher. If you’re reading this in English, thank a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine.


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