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There are still good, honest people in our community

To the editor:

With all the problems we have in the community, state, country and the world, I just wanted to let my fellow citizens know there are still good, honest people in our community.

Recently, I left my wallet at a local car wash and did not realize it until I received a phone call from a lady saying she had found it. I immediately drove down and got it back.

I was so relieved to get it back in my possession. Not because it contained a large sum of money or lots of secret stuff.

If anyone has gone through the trouble, hassle or pain in the butt, you know what I mean.

Calling all the phone numbers for the debit, credit and insurance cards and getting a new driver’s license — what a pain.

I tried to give the lady something, but she refused. She just said, “Please let me do something nice and feel good about it.”

Well, Julie, let me say you did all of that and more. I’m sorry I didn’t get your last name, but again, a bit thank-you for being a good, honest person.

I don’t believe anyone was with you, but you set a fine example for everyone to follow. You should feel great about yourself for doing the right thing.

Not having to go through that hassle means a lot. Thanks again.

I know the trouble you went through just to get my phone number.

Lonnie L. White



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