Disappointed for the Iowa Veterans Home

Published: Friday, May 17, 2013 11:21 a.m. CDT

Recently, I was part of a small group who gave testimony to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee regarding serious concerns about the Home’s Commandant. We were there for only one reason — we care deeply about the veterans/residents and staff at the IVH. Now, the Governor charges us with being politically motivated and having only hear-say information that bears no further investigation. He is WRONG on all counts!

Using the great power of his “bully pulpit”, he immediately defended the Commandant who has been widely criticized for establishing a “bully platform” of his own in running the IVH.

Governor Branstad ignores calls to suspend the Commandant and investigate. Instead, he seems to be absolving himself of responsibility by his constant claim that the IVH residents are getting the best of care. THAT is true, but not because of the IVH administration he so blindly defends; it is true because that care comes from the loving hands and hearts of those who we spoke up for last week in Des Moines. But it can’t go on forever and it doesn’t address the bad actions and behavior of the Commandant. It is the veterans who ultimately pay for all this.

With the appointment of Jodi Tymeson, it’s a perfect time to clear the air. It’s also time to hear from Veterans Organizations on this. Your fellow veterans need you to stand up for them and demand a State Government Oversight Committee investigation! The need is NOW!

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