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In wake of Facebook fiasco, parents need to get more involved

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 11:35 a.m. CDT

To the editor:

I just read about the “Facebook” account at the high school kids have. Far as I am concerned I think it is time some parents need to get more involved with their childrens lives and take charge.

I have a feeling sometimes they drop the kids off and use school as a daycare. I hear this a lot from my stepdaughter as well as my daughter (both work at school). There is no real discipline in their lives either.

I don’t think it is necessary to beat a child, but an understanding for actions — what is reasonable — and I don’t think teachers should be babysitters, but should be able to have a disciplined class. 

Facebook should be held responsible for this board. Also parents. First of all, parents should know what their child is doing. While my children were home and I was providing a roof over their head, I knew exactly what was going on in school and in the home as well as outside.

I was a working mother as well. Just ask my children, they will tell you. I didn’t have to spank them. I did now and again when they were smaller. I had long talks but we reasoned with them. I met them half way.

They proved themselves to me. The more they did to prove they were responsible citizens the more I met them halfway.

My son was bullied. He never drank or did drugs. He was a geek. But who cares? If you don’t love yourself you are no one. I preached that to him and anyone.

Facebook is a good place but these kids are creating a monster. Chances are Facebook will take this down in a minute.

Sheri Pherigo


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