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Capitol II is great for those low on capital

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 11:35 a.m. CDT

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I love movies. I can unequivocally say that I am indeed a movie buff. In the office, there are always massive movie debates, quote sessions or reference to everything from Aaladdin to Star Wars.

We dissect and discuss so much useless information — including the fact that Collin Farrell has never made a good movie, except maybe “Phone Booth” — it’s like getting paid to participate in a glorious nerd forum.

These arguments and my unabashed love of film are some of the reasons I was extremely grateful that when I moved into Newton, our town had a movie theater.  The Capitol II is a terrific family-run business, owned by Paul and Dawn Bleeker, and is just a great place, in my opinion, to have a not so expensive but still fun time on the town (I still love you too, Scoreboard, always and forever).

For $11 during a matinee showing, I can see a movie, get a medium popcorn and a bottle or water or a refillable cup of pop (yes, I say “pop” and not soda).  You can’t beat that price! The price of a non-matinee ticket to see a movie at Carmike Southridge in Des Moines is $9.25. Between my frugal lifestyle and my overwhelming lack of money, I couldn’t afford to go there every week, let alone take a date.

In addition to the great prices, Capitol II is very interactive with its customers and makes great use of technology. Its Facebook page is constantly updated, and it even offers special social media promotions. Its website constantly displays the latest show times and even allows fans to vote on which films they’d like to have shown. “The customer is always right” is true at the Capitol II.

The Capitol II has truly been my place to just get away and relax. I’ve popped up there in the middle of the afternoon, on the rare occasion I’m not working, and just seen whatever was showing — loved, “The Croods,” by the way. It’s so convenient and it’s just an alleyway away from my lady, the Daily News.

That same afternoon I saw “The Croods,” Dawn displayed the kind of customer service and special treatment you couldn’t get at a multiplex or theater chain. She and I were discussing a near tear-jerking moment in the film when a local daycare teacher and a busload of kids were in the lobby waiting on their ride back to the daycare.

The kids were starting to get antsy, and the teacher asked Dawn if she could give them a tour to help kill the time, and the ploy worked. The kids all immediately sat with their backs against the walls and lips sealed, anxious for their turn to see the projection room. Dawn, the teacher, five little ones and I took the first tour.  It was pretty cool to get the behind-the-scenes peek and the kids, of course, ate it up.

I’ve seen hundreds of movies at countless theaters in my life and I’ve never actually gotten to know the staff that worked at those places or seen them treat customers as cordially as the Bleeker family does their customers.

Movies are my thing, and I appreciate the fact that I can see them somewhere locally for a great price and be treated like an old friend and not just some customer.

Staff Writer Ty Rushing may be contacted at (641)-792-3121 Ext. 426 or trushing@newtondailynews.com

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