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Native Americans still getting raw deal in land grabs

Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 11:04 a.m. CST

To the editor:

Some have talked of the “shot heard around the world,” but I am the one who keeps you informed of the “voices heard around the world.”

Native Americans always got a raw deal. “Idle No More” was and is a success. Even the Queen of England was in the middle of it and granted clearance of passports for Native Americans, putting the Prime Minister on notice. Our voices were heard.

Not long ago, fear ran through North Dakota due to the “pipeline.” While we need energy independence, the last we heard, the line was to run through Native American lands, which white men put us on.

My people could use the money to improve their lives (educate their children, build medical facilities, as well as provide jobs to help maintain this pipe). I have white blood through my veins also, but I am very ashamed of all the false promises to my brothers and sisters.

Do you honestly think with our past record with our “First Real Americans” we will get a deal? This needs to be approached carefully and cautiously.

No longer are you going to find an uneducated “Indian.” No loner ar eyou going to find a drunken dumb “Indian” in a dirty home. If you do, white men put him there.

The Native Americans I know are college educated or hold office and help others. They are normal fathers and mothers. Native Americans have been here 11,000 years. It is time to think of others.

Sheri Pherigo


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