Penguin swimmers head to state meet in Marshalltown

The Newton YMCA Penguin swim team is sending 30 swimmers to the state meet in Marshalltown on March 2 and 3.

Among those qualifying for state are Alexis Stout, Rachel Prendergast, Sarah Prendergast, Elizabeth Myers, Chloe Kibbee, Jaden Dydell, Lakin Jenkins, Erika Van Sickle, Lauren Zaabel, Lauryn Garrett, Danielle Dalasta, Henry Jensen, Luke Zaabel, Gavin Urias, Madison Smith, Izaak Miller, Faith Smith, Maggie Garrett, Courtney Dawson, Sidney Griffith, Emily Miller, Austin Bunker, Sierra Griffith, Alex Inskeep, Willa Colville, Alexa Bell, Anna Coyle, Samantha Hedrick, Deklan Lewis and Lucas Norcross.

The Penguins have been competing since October. Twenty-four swimmers will be headed to the YMCA North Central Regional meet in St. Paul, Minn. on March 9 and 10. Of those headed to regionals, 21 swimmers also qualified for the MYAS Midwest Regional meet in Minneapolis on March 23 and 24.

Those headed to regionals include Sarah Prendergast, Sierra Griffith, Sidney Griffith, Rachel Prendergast, Emily Miller, Izaak Miller, Matthew Van Brogen, Austin Bunker, Willa Colville, Henry Jensen, Madison Smith, Erika Van Sickle, Elizabeth Myers, Alexis Stout, Danielle Dalasta, Lauren Zaabel, Chloe Kibbee, Courtney Dawson, Luke Zaabel, Gavin Urias, Maggie Garrett, Jaden Dydell, Samantha Hedrick and Lucas Norcross.

"The Penguins had a great season so far and the state meet, regionals and MYAS are a culmination of all their hard work," said Sue Field, Newton YMCA aquatics director. "The coaching staff of Jenny Jensen and Rishell Myers have done a fantastic job this season and we are really proud of the kids and what they've accomplished."