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Story about catching wild pigs a forewarning for our nation

Published: Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 12:02 p.m. CST

To the editor:

An exchange student in a large college’s chemistry class kept rubbing and stretchign his back until the teacher asked him what was wrong.

The student told him he still had a bullet in his back; he had been fighting communists in his own country, and they had shot him while trying to escape.

In the middle of his story, the student asked the teacher if he knew how to catch wild pigs, as they did in his country. The teacher thought it was a joke, but was assured it was not. The student continued:

“You find a place in the woods and put down some corn. The pigs find it and begin to eat. You continue to feed them and finally put up a section of fence. The pigs get used to it and come back for more.

“You feed them some more and add a second section of fence. After a while, you add a third section. By now, the pigs don’t notice the fence. You now add a fourth section of fence, which has a gate.

“By now, the pigs are used to the fence. Once they’re inside, you slame the gate on them, trapping them inside. The pigs soon accept their enclosure and captivity.”

The student said this is what was happening to America. The government keeps spreading the wealth around, as promised. This includes supplemental income, tax credits for earned income, unfair tax exemptions, tobacco and liquor, dairy subsidies, payments to not plant crops, welfare and medicine and care to the millions of illegals.

Just a little at a time, until one day the gate will be closed. We’ll be trapped, just like the pigs in the cage.

Do you think “free” is OK? Who is spreading the corn?

May God help us if this happens. I think it will.

Don Hoover


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