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Increasing gun control won’t prevent the tragedy of future school shootings

Published: Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012 12:38 p.m. CDT

To the editor:

First of all violence has always been with us as you well know.

After the recent shootings in schools and other I hear several screaming more gun controls or if prayer were back in our schools we would have less of these shootings.

While it is true guns do kill in the hands of a deranged or emotionally upset people; it is more of a people problem than a gun problem in my opinion.  

If we were to remove all of the guns from the world, people will still kill for reasons or no reasons. The killings will still continue either by knife, arrows, bombs or many other ways.

That being said, I do have a problem with having assault weapons in the hands of the public.

We cannot and should not force religion of any kind upon another in our schools or the world. 

However in many places starting with our homes we can teach our children how we should treat one another and why and the responsibility of our actions.

We perhaps need a class in our schools that teaches how we should treat one another and responsibility for our actions.

We can lock down our school doors and put guards on the doors with guns, but every day the doors must open and the killings are perhaps moved only to the playgrounds.

A friend of mine said, “Yes Jim, we parents should be teaching our children how we should treat one another, but who is going to teach the parents?”

Discipline is lacking in our homes and schools for many good reasons but just perhaps too many children are in charge of both places.

One last note: the film industry and some handheld games do not give good examples, to say nothing of some of our parents and other leader’s examples.

James Wilson McKinstry


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