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Why I voted for Mitt Romney

Published: Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 12:40 p.m. CST • Updated: Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 12:42 p.m. CST

I will be out of the country on Election Day, so I already have cast my ballot for Mitt Romney for president of the United States of America. Let me share a few of the reasons why I chose to vote for Mitt Romney.

Romney has the ability to make tough decisions that will move our country toward a balanced budget in the next several years. I say several years because the current deficit is such that it will take several years to overcome it. He will insist that Congress and the Senate pass a budget so that we as a nation can get a handle on spending and taxation. Romney recognizes that we do not have a tax problem, but rather a spending problem. He and Paul Ryan know how to budget for essentials and eliminate those things that are not essentials and can differentiate between the two. Some of the decisions they will have to make will be painful to our country and us citizens; however, they will be necessary.

Romney cares about all American citizens and wants to see our country thrive and prosper. He has a great business background and knows how to run both large and small businesses so they can turn a profit. After all, isn’t our national government arguably the largest business in the world? Wouldn’t it only be logical to have a good businessman in charge of such a large business? In any successful business, there are times when hard decisions must be made to keep the business solvent. Romney has the ability to make those decisions in a way that will ensure the success of the business and ultimately lead to more jobs for those who seek them.

Romney is committed to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which contains significant increases in costs for employers and every American, whether they are paying for health care or not. Those costs must increase under the Affordable Care Act when it covers millions of additional people who currently are not covered — many of whom are not and will not be paying into the system — but still will use the health care system in our country.

Romney believes in our second amendment rights and the freedom we as American citizens enjoy and will do nothing to endanger those rights and freedoms that are assured to us in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Romney is well grounded and thrives on new challenges. He is bright, stable and a problem solver. He has the administrative skills to handle the largest administrative position in the country and perhaps the world. He can analyze a problem and come up with a solution and can lead others to do what is needed to solve the problem. He has the ability to choose capable individuals to assist with the task ahead. He is able to remain calm while under pressure and the office he is seeking will require a steady hand in times of difficulty.

Romney has confidence in our nation’s ability to overcome the challenges that lie ahead and that our country will thrive once again. He has the proven skills to work with people with differing opinions and get things done.

Romney is a great family man,and has shown his family values in his steadfast support of his wife, Ann, especially in times of serious health issues. He and Ann have raised five sons, and his entire family supports him as well. He is a man of great faith in God, and can lead our nation back to being a country of respect around the world.

I encourage you to vote for Mitt Romney for president.

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