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Sully Community Locker owner endorses Halferty

Published: Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 12:21 p.m. CST

To the editor:

I’ve always had the opinion that endorsements don’t really make that much difference, that the free thinking people of our communities were certainly smart enough to make their own judgments on their own, but I consider John Halferty a friend and wanted to convey my sincerest support for him as a friend but also as the best candidate for Sheriff of Jasper County.

I had the privilege of working for Chief Deputy Halferty as a Deputy with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office for about 5 years and have 11 years experience in law enforcement. I worked for a lot of different supervisors in my career, Chiefs, Sergeants. Lieutenants and Sheriffs and John Halferty is second to none of them. John Halferty is the most capable and dedicated leader that I have worked for to date. I was always amazed at Chief Deputy Halferty’s willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done. He would come out and work nights with us if we were short handed, he would cover accidents and take calls even though he didn’t have to and all in addition to his administrative duties as Chief Deputy.

Chief Deputy Halferty always made sure we were prepared and well trained and has donated many hours to make sure the Sheriff’s Office was prepared to handle whatever came up. John insisted on maintaining a professional Sheriff’s Office and modeled that daily as he performed his duties. He leads by example and that’s something for which I have the highest respect.

John has a genuine concern for the people of this county. It’s evident in the leadership roles he has taken over the years as a youth leader, coach and firefighter. He was raised here and raised his family here and genuinely cares about his home county.

Credentials and education are great things but it is values that direct a leader and an organization. I had the opportunity to witness what John Halferty values- integrity, honesty, hard work, loyalty and dedication. Those aren’t clichés used to win an election those are things that will guide John win or lose. John Halferty is a Christian man and his values can’t be turned on or off, they follow him wherever he goes. I trust him and I know that the people of Jasper County can depend on him to help provide for our security while taking care of our tax dollars. I respectfully ask that you support John Halferty for Sheriff of Jasper County on Election Day.

Jared Nikkel


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