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For a bright future moving forward vote for Obama

Published: Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 11:14 a.m. CDT

To the editor:

The upcoming election holds a new experience for me as I will be voting for the 1st time as a grandfather. My granddaughter, Lexi Faith, is now a beautiful 17 month old toddler. Today her undreamed dreams fill my heart and head.

My hopes for her are endless as are the possibilities her future holds. As many other aspects of my life have changed due to the addition of the newest family member so has my focus on many issues facing us in this election.

As a toddler Lexi is always moving, forward. Busy and curious, wide eyed and amazed.  And always moving forward. Learning, exploring and discovering. And always moving forward.

Lexi’s future is bright. Yet I view this election as a crucial turning point for the nation and for Lexi. Please let her continue forward. Let her grow forward knowing she is an equal on all playing fields.

Let her grow forward knowing her healthcare issues are the nation’s healthcare issues as well. Let her grow forward knowing there will be affordable options for her education. Let her grow forward knowing her grandparents’ retirement and healthcare are secure. Let her grow forward knowing she is part of the 100 percent that makes up America.

The voters of this land have the opportunity to ensure Lexi’s future stays bright and moving forward. I urge you to let Lexi and America keep moving forward. Join me in voting for Barrack Obama.

Don Larkin


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