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The 'other side' of Obamacare should also be discussed

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 11:32 a.m. CST

To the editor:

In response to the letter of Oct. 23 opposing Mr. Long’s  letter and the writer’s strong emphasis on only one-side of the ObamaCare debate, I am going to turn to the other side of the issue which  she apparently has failed to take into consideration.

Where in many respects ObamaCare has its good points, there are also many that aren’t so good and those are the ones that will definitely affect seniors the most.

For ever winner there is a loser and in this case is will be seniors.  If you are on Medicare, you are going to be paying for ObamaCare by the cuts in the Medicare budget.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for ObamaCare is going to be generated by cuts in the Medicare budget over the next decade. 

These spending cut will come in two areas:  reduce the number of plans available and reduce benefits in the Medicare Advantage program (which allows enrollees to use private insurance to supplement their basic Medicare  coverage); secondly, reduce payment rates to doctors who care for Medicare patients, and they will see fewer doctors taking on Medicare patients.  Many doctors have stated that they will take early retirement and we could well be facing a shortage of doctors.

Since Mr. Long is in the healthcare field and regardless of which political side he may favor, he does have the benefit of his expertise in this field.  One does need to be objective.  Ms. Jensen is asserting her political preference and she does not show both sides of the issue.

There is a far greater issue at stake with ObamaCare and this is one that seniors should be  most concerned about.  The law creates a new presidential commission called the Independent Payment Advisory Board or IPAB.  They will be given significant power to cut Medicare spending in the future and could very likely affect the quality of care seniors have come to expect. This panel is not elected, you will not know who they are, but they will play at major role between you and your healthcare provider.

Considering the number of people brought into this healthcare program, it is obvious that it is going to be quite expensive and where better to make cuts than on the seniors, since our life expectancy may have already run its course.

So, Ms. Jensen, please look at all sides of the facts and don’t look at ObamaCare as the oasis you believe it to be.

Gloria Welp


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