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Obama’s lies disqualify him from another term

To the editor:

I have never seen such deception in a President running for re-election than I have in President Obama. If he gets caught red handed  on his answers, he changes the facts to suit him.

He did not give truthful answers to several questions when asked at the debate Tuesday. He was not truthful about oil drilling being down on federal land which was due to his not granting permits.  He is known not to be a supporter of the oil and coal industries and instead has invested taxpayer money into failed green energy companies.

His attack on Romney about cutting funding to Planned Parenthood was that this would deny women access to mammograms, which is completely false. Planned Parenthood does not do mamograms. His whole agenda with Planned Parenthood is abortion.

When asked about why it took so long to call the attack in Libya a terrorist attack, he had the transcript of his speech in the Rose Garden read where very near the end he used the words “acts of terror.” These words had a very generic implication. If  he meant this was a “terrorist attack” why didn’t he start his speech saying it was a terrorist attack, and  leave the  video out of it. Then to compound matters he goes on talk shows still not calling it a terrorist attack but being a spontaneous reaction to a video. Why be so sympathetic to the Muslims as to spend $70,0000 of taxpayer money to apologize for this video?

Now today, he has dropped his rherotic that  since Osam Bin Liden is dead, al Qaeda is on the run.  He now knows that al Qaeda was never dead. They just moved on and reorganized.

This man comes from a very deceptive past, which the mainstream media does not want the public to know about. However, anyone that saw the movie “2016: Obama’s America,” which is now out in DVD ,was a real eye-opener.  

He does not deserve the trust of America for another four years.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Gloria Welp



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