Payrolls shed light on why Planned Parenthood is attacking GOP ticket

To the editor:

Here are the shocking facts of what  the CEOs and its affiliates of Planned Parenthood are paid. This is just another example why Planned Parenthood is going out so strong against Gov. Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan.

The total base salary is $12,862,560. This covers 22 affiliates plus the New York office. The average pay is $158,797 per year. The top ranking CEO, Cecile Richards earns $353,819 a year. 

Our closest local CEO at the Heartland in Des Moines, Jill June, earns $265,389.The lowest affiliate CEO salary is $245,322.

It appears that these jobs are most lucrative. No wonder they are fighting so to hard to keep them. To think that our government tax dollars are helping pay them is atrocious. We have better places for our tax dollars.

Do not let the abortion industry take your vote at the polls. It is time to stop them.

Gloria Welp




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