Club Notes

Olive Jane Lamb Questers

The Olive Jane Lamb Questers met in the home of Ing Benskin on Thursday.

The Jasper County Museum sent the group a thank you card for decorating the school house with large handmade snowflakes, paper chains and paper sack gifts on each of the students desks for their Christmas open house. The group also received a special Valentine’s Day card from a member who lives part of each year in Arlington, Va.

Ing Benskin gave the program about the book “Years of Struggle — The Farm Diary of Elmer G. Powers, 1931-1936.” The book is a dramatic story of the struggles in the day to day record of farm life in Iowa in the 1930s. Benskin read parts of the book that described the 1936 blizzard and the extreme below-zero temperatures, five-foot snow drifts that snow plows could not clear, the efforts of survival for many families to keep warm and have food available and the hardship for the survival of the livestock and their care. This was a time of depression, blizzards and drought.

Refreshments were served, and the meeting in March will be at the home of Susan Hawks.

Barrett Homemakers

The Barrett Homemakers met for their February meeting at the Newton Pizza Ranch.

Husbands were invited to this Valentine’s luncheon. Those present were Barbara and Stanley Ashby, Jerry and Emily Ehler, Irene Erwin, Delores and Louis Klemm, Bobbette Palmer, Barbara and Ray Tininenko, Linda and Dennis Van Maanen, Gertrude Van Sickel and Dorothy and Larry Wood.

A Valentine’s Day exchange took place with each of those present receiving a sweet treat.

The March meeting will be held at the home of Barbara Ashby on March 14.