July 12, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Some Jasper County veterans feel there’s a conspiracy

Letter to the Editor

It is with great disgust that I read the meeting of the Jasper County Veterans Commission monthly meeting June 12.

For a commissioner to attack administrator Alyssa Wilson in the way he did is unforgivable. Why didn’t you other commissioners speak up and support her? You know how much she has to do in an 8-hour period inside and outside her office. Weren’t you formed to be an assistance to her office and help in ay way you could? Instead, Spagenburg maliciously attacks Alyssa and Josh Price. Spangenburg, you have certainly lost any popularity you may have had with the veterans and general public.

It is common knowledge among all the Jasper County veterans that a conspiracy is going on in the commission board of Jasper County.

The bottom line is “The Powers that be” wants Alyssa’s job so bad he will stop at any length to hurt her. Every week it’s a different dirty trick.

The last one, he had Spangenburg attack her on phone calls, telling her she will cause veterans to commit suicide because of her neglect. That is really hitting below the belt, Ed. There is a Suicide Hotline that any veteran can call as well as at least two mental health lines. Spangenburg, please don’t try to pin the on her. It’s not reality.

Ed, we know you are working for the “Powers that be” to break Alyssa. It won’t happen. Give it up. She has all the Jasper County veterans’ allegiance and they love her. They will tell you after Alyssa was hired things started to move on their behalf as never before.

“The Powers that be” needs to stop shooting himself in the foot. Every dirty trick on Alyssa causes the bullet to go deeper. We all know who you are and we all know you are wanting her job. We all know the Jasper County veterans don’t like you and want you off the board and please take Spangenburg with you.

Quit using the treasurer’s office who has been taking photos of Alyssa’s empty office to use as propaganda against her. She is out visiting veterans who can’t get to her office. Doing this is a very cheap shot.

Also, please tell the. hall monitor that you have spying on her office to quit and stop wearing out his shoe leather.

Both of you need to go into retirement far away from the Jasper County Commission Board.

Mary Marteson