March 07, 2021

Super Bowl hangover

I am a huge football fan. But I just wasn’t into the Super Bowl this season. I watched it. But I came in late. I left my house to come to the office for my normal Sunday routine.

My team was in this game last year. I was obviously so much more into it then. But I could have watched Law and Order SVU on USA all night and been perfectly satisfied.

I guess you could say I’m still having a Super Bowl hangover after my team blew a fourth-quarter lead last season.

The commercials don’t even entice me to watch it anymore.

The halftime show was someone I don’t really know. I knew two songs. And they are good songs. But he’s not someone I run to the TV to watch.

My brother is a die hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. So I was rooting for the Bucs because of him. I don’t dislike anyone on the Chiefs except for Tyreek Hill. Andy Reid is great. And Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league.

But I wanted my brother to experience a championship.

As I watch right now, Tampa Bay leads 31-9 early in the fourth. And Mahomes just went past the 100-yard passing mark. The Bucs’ defense should get way more credit than it will but Tom Brady is on the team. And he was great in the game, too.

It will be the seventh championship for Brady.

As a 49ers fan, it’s hard to convince me that Jerry Rice isn’t the greatest football player and wide receiver of all time and Joe Montana isn’t the greatest QB of all-time. But even I now have to realize how great Brady is.

I play in a fantasy football league with someone who despises Brady. And I get that, too. He was on the Patriots for most of his career and they were busted a time or two for cheating.

But Brady is proving that he is unlike any other player. He’s already in his 40s and doesn’t look to be too much worse than he was early in his career. He said this week he plans to play until he is 45 and who thinks he won’t?

How many more Super Bowls can he win? I don’t have that answer, but I do know that my San Francisco 49ers had 28 players on IR this season. And if they had a healthy roster, I still feel like they would have been the best team in the NFC.

Their two best players, George Kittle and Nick Bosa, played in a combined seven games. They played most of the season with backup QBs and other key players missed several games.

They’ll have a few decisions to make this offseason with free agents, will have to maybe extend the best linebacker in the game and are rumored to be in on every veteran QB who might be available.

So the roster may not be the same. But I expect the 49ers to be back in the mix next year if they can be relatively healthy.

Mahomes looks to be limping around the field in the fourth quarter right now so injuries most certainly affect things.

Some Chiefs fans will blame the officials for this loss. I tried to do that last year when Bosa was held on the biggest play of the game but nothing was called. They told me to stop whining. I guess the shoe’s on the other foot now.

My favorite Super Bowl commercial was Cheetos with Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Shaggy. The song “It Wasn’t Me” was popular when I was in high school. It gave me a good laugh.

On to some area news, Colfax-Mingo junior Mariah Webster is up for IA Wrestle’s Dan Gable Ms. Wrestler of the Year award. Part of the award process involves online voting.

As I type this column, Webster is sitting second and losing ground. To support an area wrestler, go to to cast your vote

Webster is in the top seven of the voting. She finished third a few weeks ago at the girls state wrestling tournament. She has made the top seven with a handful of state champions. Winning the online vote is the first step in Webster coming out on top.

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