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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 11:15 a.m. CDT

“I think heaven is at least one million times better than the best cruise in the world!” says Zachary, 9.

Deep in our hearts, we know there’s a perfect place. Everyone has a sense of beauty and a longing for a return to paradise. Cruise ships offer a little taste of paradise.

The problem with going on a perfect cruise is that we take our imperfections with us.

“There will be no sin in heaven. You can ask Jesus all you want to, and he won’t get annoyed,” says Abby, 8.

Actually, no one will be annoyed in heaven. That’s part of the baggage we’ll leave behind.

“I think heaven will be peaceful,” says Mackenzie, 8. “We will never see darkness again. Also, we will never fight, and everybody will be happy. Nobody will be weak or tired, not even the grandparents. We will see Jesus!”

Mackenzie also mentioned that darkness will take a permanent holiday. Why? Jesus will be the light of the New Jerusalem. The sun will never set on his glory. The light of the Son will replace the light of the sun (Revelation 21:23).

“Heaven is nothing like Earth,” says Claire, 10. “There are no scary dreams, no thunderstorms and no bullies. I imagine streets of gold, a beautiful landscape, high mountains and fresh green valleys.”

I believe Anna, 9, has seen something of heaven’s glories when she says: “Heaven will be like the dream I always wanted to dream. The streets will be paved with gold. I will see my Grandpa running, happy and young. Little angels will be playing in fields. The gates will be made of pearls.

“You will never have to worry about cavities or what you eat. There won’t be any darkness. All the houses will be made out of rhinestones that shimmer. The picket fences won’t be made out of wood but sunflowers. There are flowers everywhere, some that you have seen and some that you have not seen.”

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