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Legislature declares war on working people

Published: Thursday, March 16, 2017 9:52 a.m. CDT

Well it appears the hypocrites who are dressed in sheep’s clothing are finally removing it to reveal the true wolves they truly are. Of course, I am referring to the Republican held Iowa Legislature.

Since they can’t get to the unions who are not public employees they are doing everything they can do to take it away by legislating and tearing up the laws that now protect working Iowans, not just the unionized workers but ALL workers.

They are doing this by gutting away bargaining rights of public employees, eliminating and gutting the workers compensation laws, keeping the minimum wage at a low level and not allowing counties and cities to enact their own wages above the minimum wage, taking away local authority and dismantling the Des Moines and surrounding area water works. These are just a few of the issues they are attacking to keep the workers in this state down and under their control and the control of the businesses.

How they say during the election that they want less government and less government control when they are passing this kind of legislation.

There have been comments and letters from some Iowa citizens saying that raising their voices and protesting at the so-called hometown hall meetings are not the way to get things done. If this is not the way to get things done then every working person both union and non-union should start staying home from work and see how this state and businesses can operate without their sweat and labor. Perhaps this would open their eyes.

They pass legislation to eliminate the bottle bill that by statement from the Iowa DNR has worked keeping litter from our countryside, why, because big business wants it that way, they don’t want laws that benefit the worker.

This legislature has declared war on the working people of this state and they need and needs to answer for it.

Every one of them needs to be fired and lose their job. Wake up folks smell the roses.

Lonnie L. White


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